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Proliant Hard Disk Drive removal

Caution!  When replacing a hot-pluggable drive, follow these guidelines to prevent data loss:

  • Never remove more than one drive at a time (two drives if you are using Advanced Data Guarding).
  • Never remove a drive while another drive is being rebuilt.
  • If the system has an online spare drive, wait for it to complete rebuilding before replacing the failed drive.
  • If you replace a drive while the system is off, it may be necessary to rebuild the replaced drive.

Caution!  Removing more than one drive at a time can cause the enclosure to overheat. Install a drive or drive blank as soon as possible.

  1. Press the thumb latch and pull the ejector lever to the full open position.
  2. Pull the drive out of the enclosure drive bay.
  3. If installing a hard drive blank in place of the drive, insert the blank into the bay until it clicks into place.

Proliant Hard Disk Drive replacement

  1. If a drive blank must be removed to install a new drive, squeeze the tabs to unlock the drive blank. Continue to squeeze the tabs while sliding the drive blank out of the drive bay.
  2. When installing a replacement drive, press the thumb latch and pull the ejector lever to the full open position.
  3. Insert the drive into the bay, sliding it in completely. Make sure the ejector lever is in the full open position to ensure a correct latch.
  4. Close the ejector lever against the front of the drive until it clicks into the thumb latch.
  5. Confirm that the drive is firmly seated and that the ejector lever is latched.
  6. Caution!  Data can be lost if the drive is not firmly seated.

  7. Observe the drive status LEDs to confirm that the replacement drive is functioning properly.