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 How long does order processing and delivery take?
[ Canadian logistics here ]
1) Total Delivery Time
Your orders total delivery time = Time to Process + Time in Transit.
The tables below detail the most common delivery times based on your chosen method of shipping.
If ordered before 5:00pm EST
 Shipping Options Time to Process
(Business Days)
+ Time in Transit
(Business Days)
= Total Delivery
Time (Business Days)
  FedEx Saturday Delivery ($39.95) 0 + 1 = 1
  FedEx Priority Overnight ($19.95) 0 + 1 = 1
  FedEx Standard Overnight ($4.95) 0 + 1 = 1
  FedEx 2 Day ($3.95) 0 + 2 = 2
  FedEx Saver 3 Day ($2.95) 0 + 3 = 3
  FedEx/UPS Ground ($0.00) 0 + 2-6 = 2-6
  Hawaii/Alaska 2 Day ($39.95) 0 + 2 = 2
If ordered after 5:00pm EST
 Shipping Options Time to Process
(Business Days)
+ Time in Transit
(Business Days)
= Total Delivery
Time (Business Days)
  FedEx Priority Overnight ($19.95) 0-1 + 1 = 1-2
  FedEx Standard Overnight ($4.95) 0-1 + 1 = 1-2
  FedEx 2 Day ($3.95) 0-1 + 2 = 2-3
  FedEx Saver 3 Day ($2.95) 0-1 + 3 = 3-4
  FedEx/UPS Ground ($0.00) 0-1 + 2-6 = 2-7
  Hawaii/Alaska 2 Day ($39.95) 0-1 + 2 = 2-3

2) Time to Process
Time to Process is the estimated time between ordering and shipping of product. In most cases we will ship your order from our warehouse the same business day.

Please take account of the following circumstances where this process may be delayed:
If we cannot process your credit card, shipment of merchandise will be delayed until payment is complete.
Orders placed after 5:00pm EST may be processed and shipped the next business day.
Built-to-order merchandise - Custom built orders may take additional time to process.
Orders placed online outside of normal business hours - Orders are not processed after business hours.
Orders placed on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays - Orders will be processed the next business day.

3) Time in Transit
Time in Transit is the estimated number of business days from shipment of product to your receipt of product.
You can choose the convenience of rapid delivery, the value of 2-3 day delivery
or the economy of ground freight.
For rapid delivery we offer FedEx Standard and FedEx Priority Overnight Services.
FedEx Standard Overnight is guaranteed to arrive the next business day.*
FedEx Priority Overnight is guaranteed to arrive the next business day before 10:30am in some areas
and before 12:30am in all others.*
* Please remember that Next Day Air service is not guaranteed on orders placed after 5:00pm EST.

For the value of 2-3 day delivery we offer FedEx 2 Day and FedEx Saver services.
FedEx 2Day air is guaranteed to arrive in two days.*
FedEx Saver is guaranteed to arrive in 3 days.*

For the economy of ground freight we offer UPS and FedEx ground shipments at no charge.
FedEx and UPS ground shipments usually arrive in 2-7 days.

Please also note the following:
  • Our Free Fround Shipping offer does not apply to orders under $40.00. Orders under $40.00 shipped ground in the continental US will be charged a flat rate of $7.95
  • Packages cannot be delivered to Alaska, Hawaii via ground service. Packages to Alaska or Hawaii must be shipped via FedEx 2 Day
  • Packages are shipped using FedEx or UPS and cannot be shipped to a PO Box.
  • Tracking numbers are posted and are available on your "order" page (in your order history folder) as soon as possible, please allow a reasonable amount of time for this to happen.
  • Please allow for normal transit time before contacting USAPartsDirect to initiate a trace. Once a tracking number has been posted on your "order" page, you are free to contact the carrier directly with any shipping inquiries.
  • Be aware that on Ground shipments there can be a delay of one business day from the time we post the tracking number on your "order" page until it is picked up by FedEx or UPS.
  • Orders placed on Saturday, Sunday or holidays will be processed and shipped the next business day.
  • Orders placed on Friday for Saturday delivery must be shipped via "FedEx Priority Overnight" service and must be ordered before 5:00pm EST on Friday.
4) Blind Drop Shipping
We are pleased to offer blind drop shipping services to our resellers.
Our services guarantee that no invoices or shipping labels showing USAPartsDirect
as your vendor will be included in your order.

Our packing slip will display your company information formatted as follows.

Shipper info:
Your Comapny Name
Your Account Holder Name
Your Company Street
Your Company City
Your Company State
Your Company Zip Code

Any order can be drop shipped 100% blind.
Simply enter "Blind Ship" in the comments box at checkout.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns about our order processing or delivery services.

* Note: Please remember that Next Day Air service is not guaranteed on orders placed after 5:00pm EST.
* Note: FedEx shipping guarantees are subject to the availability of these services in your area,
   Please check with FedEx for service availability in your area.
USAPartsDirect          Ph: 1.613.599.1287                   Fax: 1.613.599.8120
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