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 Hitachi   HUS156060VLS600 Hitachi 600-GB 6G 15K 3.5 NHP SAS HDD   
Hitachi 600GB 3.5-inch LFF Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) 6G 15K Non-Hot-Plug Drive

Part Number(s)
Option Part# 516830-B21
Spare Part# 517355-001
Assembly Part# 516810-003
Assembly Part# 533871-003
Model# ST3600057SS
Model# HUS156060VLS600

HP 6Gb/sec SAS Enterprise and Midline hard drives deliver high performance solutions for hosting high transaction based applications. Available in HP hot plug carriers or non-hot plug. The HP SAS Enterprise and Midline hard drives come in both 2.5in (SFF) and 3.5in (LFF) industry standard form factors and are available in a variety of capacity points to meet a wide range of requirements. The SAS interface was designed and engineered for high availability, enterprise-class data storage where performance, reliability and data integrity are crucial.

CategoryProliant Hard Drive
GenerationSAS NHP
Part NumberHUS156060VLS600
Products ID462072
TypeHard Drive - Hot-Swap
Interface TypeSerial Attached SCSI 2
Spindle Speed15000RPM
Form Factor3.5 inches x 1/3H
Data Transfer Rate600MB/s
Buffer Size64MB
Seek Time (Average)3.4ms
 HUS156060VLS600 1 Year Warranty
 $349.95               Back
HUS156060VLS600 Hitachi 600-GB 6G 15K 3.5 NHP SAS HDD
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 Shipping Cost Preview:   HUS156060VLS600 
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 Category :   Proliant Hard Drive    Part# :   HUS156060VLS600  Warranty :   1 Year 
 Sub Category :   15K    Ships :   Same Day   Packaging :   Sealed Static Bag  
 Generation :   SAS NHP   Inventory :   53 In Stock    Weight :   2.00 lbs
 Date Updated :      Condition :   New    Products ID :   462072 
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