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   DL360 G3 Xeon 3.06GHz Proliant Processor Replacement Video. (Part# 322472-B21)

FRU Removal and Replacement: Processor and PPM


DL360 G3 Xeon 3.06GHz Proliant Processor Replacement Procedure  322472-B21

This server can support up to two processors. Each processor has an associated processor power module (or PPM) that must be present for proper operation of the server. The DL360 G3 comes standard with a single processor in socket 1. Socket 1 must be populated at all times for the unit to function properly.

Do not mix processors of different types or speeds. If the processor is replaced or another processor is added, the system automatically detects and configures the processor settings.

To remove a processor:

  1. Unlatch the processor heat sink retaining clips and remove the heat sink. Note: The heat sink is attached to the processor with an adhesive thermal pad, which is broken when the heat sink is separated from the processor.
  2. Unlatch the processor socket locking lever and lift the processor from the socket.

To replace a processor or install an additional one:

  1. Carefully install the processor in the processor socket (by aligning the triangle on the processor with the notch on the connector) and close the processor locking lever. The lever should close without resistance.

    Caution! Forcing the lever closed could result in damage to the processor socket, requiring replacement of the system board.

  2. Install the processorís heat sink in two steps: (a.) Remove the plastic covering from the heat sinkís thermal pad to expose the adhesive before mating it to the processor. (b.) Close the heat sink retaining clips.

Each processor has a PPM that must be replaced or installed with the processor. (Note: the PPM is spared separately.)

To remove a PPM:

  1. Open the two PPM locking latches.
  2. Lift the PPM from the socket.

PPMs with the same part number might look different, but they are functionally equivalent.

To replace a PPM:

  1. Locate socket for PPM. (Note: the PPM is keyed so that it can only be inserted one way.)
  2. Press locking latches back.
  3. Insert PPM.