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Refurbished 325252-B21

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  325252-B21 HP 2.0GHz Xeon 1MB CPU DL580 G2
  Price: $121.43 CAD  +  $0.00 Shipping 
  HP Enterprise  

325252-B21 HP 2.0GHz Xeon 1MB CPU DL580 G2  

Product ID:  14025

Pentium 4 Xeon DL580 G2
Full Processor Option Kit

Part Number(s)
Manufacturer Part# 325252-B21

For ML570 DL580 G2 Proliant Servers

HP Processor Kits:
Manufacturer Part# 325252-B21
This is the full processor option kit. It includes the
Processor(s), Heat-Sink(s), Fan(s), Thermal paste

This Intel Pentium 4 Xeon processor option kit working at 2.0GHz with 1MB of cache is designed and manufactured by Intel for Compaq/HP 's Proliant server.
General Information
- Package Detail: 1 x Compaq label Processor Heatsink and VRM

Technical Information
- Clock Speed: 2.0GHz
- Bus Speed: 400MHz FSB
- Cache Memory: 16KB L1 (Instruction Cache) 64KB L1 (Data Cache) 1MB L2
- Form Factor: 603-pin PPGA INT3 Socket 603
- Addressable Memory: 64GB
- Instruction Set: X86-to-RISC
- Architecture: 36-bit NetBurst Microarchitecture
- Multimedia Extensions: Streaming SIMD Extention 2 (SSE-2)
- Featured Technologies: Hyper-Pipelined Technology (HP T)

- Additional Information: - Math-Coprocessor: Included
- Intel NetBurst Microarchitecture
- Advanced Dynamic Execution
- Execution Trace Cache
- Rapid Execution Engine
- Additional Info.: - Math-Coprocessor: Included
- Intel NetBurst Microarchitecture
- Advanced Dynamic Execution
- Execution Trace Cache
- Rapid Execution Engine

Physical Characteristics
- Shipping Dimensions: 2.5 (Height) x 8.75 (Width) x 9.85 (Depth)
- Shipping Weight: 1.39 lb

- Platforms: PC
- Products: Compaq ProLiant DL580 G2 Compaq ProLiant ML570 G2 Intel Chipset

Power Description
- Input Voltage: 1.5V DC

CategoryProliant Processor
Part Number325252-B21
Products ID14025
Enlarge Image of Part# 325252-B21 G2 Xeon
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 325252-B21 HP 2.0GHz Xeon 1MB CPU DL580 G2
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325252-B21 HP 2.0GHz Xeon 1MB CPU DL580 G2
Printer Friendly 325252-B21 Information Enlarge 325252-B21's Image
 325252-B21 G2 Xeon 
 Part#: 325252-B21 
 Quantity: 250 In Stock  
 Warranty: Lifetime
 Usually Ships: Same Day
 Condition:  Refurbished
  Price: $121.43 CAD
325252-B21 Lifetime Warranty
Part# 325252-B21 and Products ID 14025
Purchased after January 01 2012 is covered by an
Unconditional Lifetime Warranty
for as long as you own your server
Lifetime Warranty $0.00
Genuine Hewlett-Packard 325252-B21
         Security ID
S/C: 250140251  PN: 325252-B21
Genuine Hewlett-Packard 325252-B21
325252-B21 Compatible Servers and Storage Arrays:
DL580 G2
  325252-B21 Flat Rate Shipping Options
We have 250 pieces of 325252-B21 in stock and ready to ship as of
Shipping Options:  325252-B21
This product has a 30 Day return and a Lifetime replacement warranty.
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Manufacturer Part# 325252-B21
 Condition :   Refurbished   Usually Ships :   Same Day 
 Warranty :   Lifetime   Dim weight :   2.00 lbs
 Packaging :   Sealed Static Bag  Factory original :   325252-B21 
   325252-B21 HP 2.0GHz Xeon 1MB CPU DL580 G2  Price: $121.43 CAD   
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